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Founded in 2018 by entrepreneurs Daniel Korhonen and Christian Bergqvist, Tanrevel is a typical hypergrowth company, selling its own self-tanning device direct-to-consumer (D2C). Tanrevel is offering a healthy, vegan, alternative to sunbathing in a time where skin disorders and diseases are on the rise.

Influencer Bianca Ingrosso using the new Tanrevel PRO


Tanrevel is growing at hypergrowth pace and their previous eCommerce platform was slowing them down, holding them back. Restricting instead of enabling. It was all manifested in the fall of 2020 when Tanrevel did a collab with famous Swedish influencer Bianca Ingrosso and the site crashed.

“We were looking for a partner who is at the forefront when it comes to technology and performance to support an aggressive international expansion online. We met a number of different platform providers and eventually chose Brink who was able to quickly identify our needs. We felt that the team behind Brink had the right experience of fast-growing D2C companies and understood the challenges we face. The entrepreneurial spirit that exists at Brink goes hand in hand with Tanrevel’s vision, which provided good conditions for a good match.” — Daniel Korhonen, Co-founder Tanrevel


It was clear Tanrevel wanted to spend their time and resources on the customer experience instead of having to host and develop complex back-end features and worry about site crashes. By building and connecting a blazing fast front-end we can provide Tanrevel with the performance and speed of an enterprise solution, but at the same time reducing the complexity by letting them focus solely on the presentation layer instead of the back-end and hosting. As Tanrevel continues to grow all services and products in this setup can easily be replaced within days or weeks instead of months and quarters thanks to the best-of-breed and API-first approach.

It’s so rewarding to help entrepreneurs and companies like Tanrevel and to liberate them from these old, monolithic, underperforming platforms and systems. We have given them an advantage over the world's largest cosmetics brands and they now have the means to outcompete them at any moment. If I would be the competition I would be very nervous right now. — Kristian Tysander, CEO & Co-founder Brink Commerce


When Tanrevel decided to go live they experienced the traffic volume of their largest campaign to date, resulting in massive sales without any errors or problems. Tanrevel has one of Europe’s most advanced eCommerce setups to date which will support them for many years to come.

It has been a pleasure working with Brink from the first brief to our actual launch. We had high goals from the start and think that Brink met these. There has been good service and good communication throughout the project, which is something we value a lot in long-term partnerships. Brink has been responsive and accommodating throughout the process and understood the importance of an iterative process. We like the “can do” mentality that the team at Brink has shown throughout the project. — Christian Bergqvist, CEO Tanrevel

“The tech-stack and the eCommerce platform have been something of an Achilles’ heel for our continued hypergrowth journey, but we now feel better equipped than ever to accelerate our global expansion. The delivery of the Brink eCommerce platform has exceeded our expectations and we had a very successful launch.”
— Daniel Korhonen, Co-founder Tanrevel

Stay tuned for more Tanrevel stories, their work on creating a superior customer experience, expanding into new markets, and doing high-performance product drops and campaigns with influencers have just begun.

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